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Embrace Your Cool. Choose Fun. Be Different.
Meet Anthony, the easygoing and traditional cinematographer at Lee Media. With a passion for capturing the authentic moments of your big day, he loves being the ``fly on the wall,`` quietly documenting your wedding as it unfolds. Anthony's genuine joy comes from showcasing the happiness and authenticity of couples in love, making him the perfect choice for down-to-earth couples who cherish life's unique moments.

Authentic Storytelling

Anthony values the authenticity of each moment and the unique love stories he has the privilege to document. His unobtrusive approach reflects a deep respect for the genuine emotions and experiences that make each wedding day special.


Anthony's cinematography style is all about capturing the genuine essence of your wedding day with a traditional and unobtrusive approach.

He prefers to let the moments unfold naturally, highlighting the candid and authentic aspects of your special day.

Rather than flashy techniques, Anthony's focus is on documenting your wedding as it is, making your love story the star of the show.


Anthony's personality shines through in his cinematography style – relaxed, unobtrusive, and deeply passionate about capturing your genuine moments. With a traditional approach that lets your love story take center stage, he'll ensure your wedding day is beautifully documented without any fuss. If you're looking for a cinematographer who will embrace your unique love and effortlessly capture it on film, Anthony is the perfect choice for a wedding day filled with authenticity and joy.

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