Lee Media exists to produce joy through excellence. We make compelling films. We create beautiful photography, all around you, your wedding day, and your story.

It’s important to me, and I believe it’s important to the couples we work with, that I personally know how to capture terrific moments on both video and photos, with precision and excellence. This helps me vet and work with other capable teammates, and ensures the final product, whether I am on site for that specific moment or not, is of the utmost excellence, and the utmost heart.

Working for you and capturing the magic of your day is a privilege, and a privilege that I take very seriously.

I look forward to hearing from you and what you’re planning for you day.

We Tell Your Story – How We Work

Lots of people and companies say this. And to be honest, lots of people tell stories decently.

We’re not the first company to tell stories of amazing couples, but we do have a unique approach. We value the real, serendipitous moments-  the candids, the posing, the personality, the details – as well as the heightened ones (such as your wedding ceremony, your sunset shots, and your surroundings). We capture your day with unparalleled service, making you and your guests comfortable with us, letting the personalities you hold near and dear shine through in both our films and our photos.

Our photography style uses natural light to create images, and masterful use of flash photography to provide a high-end editorial approach to looks and environments that require it. We don’t shy away from difficult-to-photograph environments or situations – we embrace it, and consider it one of the many things that make us professionals.

We treat wedding cinematography like we treat any of our commercial projects: with excellence, precision and no-holds-barred production value in the highest regard. We blend in seamlessly to the environment of your day, and know how to work with every personality and type of wedding photographer on the market, so you never have to worry about someone holding a camera ending up in one of your photos. With over 4 years of experience filming weddings, and over a decade of production experience, our films are sure to impress and perfectly encapsulate the moments that made the big day your day.

This is where the rubber meets the road on our policy of transparency. Our prices are visible to you online without having to fill out a contact-us form. We believe quality filmmaking and photography should be accessible to all budgets, so each of our packages are crafted with high attention to detail and a passion for storytelling by some of the best in the business.