About Lee Media

We Tell Your Story – How We Work

It’s about quality.
But let’s be real – it’s mostly about your memories.
The people you had with you on the day.
The joy you experienced.
It’s about how the people you surround yourself with are undeniably interesting, entertaining, and meaningful.

We make wedding films. We take wedding photos.

What makes us different? We don’t use slow motion for every shot. We love the moments where people let their hair down – where the real life happens. We’re out here to pursue authenticity through soundbites, laughter, unscripted moments, and dreamy serendipity.

There’s going to be beauty in your day, and you and your loved ones will be stunning and glowing. But the way we see things, you’re not going to want to remember just how picture-perfect your day was. You’re going to want to remember the emotions, the romance, the fun, and the absolute joy of your celebration.

If that sound like something you’re into, let’s talk.


/ Associate Photographer


/ 2nd Cinematographer & Photographer


/ Associate Cinematographer


/ Associate Cinematographer


/ Associate Cinematographer


/ Associate Cinematographer

Jesus Torres

/ Post-Production Specialist

James Lee

/ Founder, Photographer & Filmmaker