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Embrace Your Cool. Choose Fun. Be Different.
Meet Jesus, the post-production specialist at Lee Media, who weaves the magic behind the scenes to craft your wedding story into a memorable film. Starting as an editor at a young age, he discovered his passion for storytelling and loves piecing together the narrative from start to finish. Jesus thrives on creating films that are both fun and energetic, just like the couples he works with. If you're looking for a wedding film that bursts with personality and captures the essence of your unique love story, Jesus is the perfect creative hand to make it happen.

Narrative-Driven Magic

Jesus approaches editing with a meticulous and narrative-driven style. He carefully selects the best footage to create a cohesive and memorable wedding film. By sifting through the material, he ensures that your story flows seamlessly and feels like a genuine and unmissable cinematic experience.


Jesus draws inspiration from his early passion for filmmaking, which he discovered in college while pursuing a directing track.

His journey as an editor is influenced by his love for storytelling and the desire to craft wedding films that leave a lasting impact and resonate with people's memories.


Jesus is an enthusiastic and creative storyteller with a dynamic personality. He approaches his work with a sense of fun and energy, which mirrors the lively and adventurous couples that Lee Media attracts. His dedication to bringing out the best in his clients and making sure they have a memorable, enjoyable experience shines through in his upbeat and outgoing demeanor.

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