General FAQ's

How quickly do we get our film or photos back?

Probably the first question we get – and it’s a good one!

All of our packages take about two months to complete. If we anticipate we need more time to make your package really shine, we will let you know before we need that time!

Do you capture getting ready, or do you just start at the Ceremony?

We work in blocks of time, so you can decide when we start or stop. There is no additional charge for multiple locations, but we will advise you about any logistical concerns we have as we’re planning your media production for your special day.

When do I have to pay for travel fees, and how much are they?

Travel fees begin when the venue or site is located more than thirty (30) miles from Phoenix or Chicago city centers.

When travel fees are applicable, we charge 1.24 per mile each way, beginning from Phoenix or Chicago city centers and ending at the first site address.

Are we able to request any changes to our finished film or photo collection?

Absolutely yes! Each package comes with one round of notes. While we work hard to make sure everything we show you is crafted to perfection, we understand there are, from time to time, little things about your family and your day that you will notice more than we will. We are 100% open to any requests you may have. Additional requests beyond this one round of note will be on a per-hour basis.

Who am I working with on my wedding day?

Unless otherwise noted or indicated, one of our associates, either a photographic artist or an amazing cinematographer will be at your wedding capturing the day.

Check out our team members here!

Who will be editing my film and/or photos?

I work with talented professionals to help build the films and cull the photography.

Regardless of who did the first edit internally at Lee Media, I personally approve each wedding film and photo album before sending it to you.

Photography FAQ's

How soon do we get our wedding photos back?

Just like our films, you can expect your wedding photos back in approximately two months’ time. Once you receive the finished online album, you’ll be able to make requests and additional touchups, where applicable. However, we work hard to make sure the first album you get is perfect!

How do I order a physical photo album or prints?

Currently we do not offer physical albums or prints. We give you the full rights to do that on your own, and are happy to recommend places to shop!

What is the benefit to having two photographers at my wedding?

That all depends on the schedule of your day and what you are hoping for, photography-wise, but typically two photographers are essential when:
– two events are happening at the same time, in different places
– you want two unique perspectives on your day
– you have multiple locations throughout the day
– detail shots are important to you

Cinematography FAQ's

How soon do we get our wedding film back?

Two months!

If we ever need to take longer, we’ll be sure to get in touch with you before the two months’ time is up and work with you on any updated expectations.

How do you work with other photographers so you and they both get great content?

If you’re not using us for photography, that’s 100% OK. We make sure to give the photographer precedence over us on the day.

They are the ones who will pose you, lead the charge through the day prior to the reception, and are responsible for some very important, key photos.

We shoot around them, and have been doing so for years. One of the benefits to using us for both photo and video is an increased familiarity and shorthand between your photo and video team, ensuring even smoother performance.

What music do you use for our film?

We use licensed music from some of the best artist and services the industry has to offer. We make sure we consult with you to get the right tone, mood, and genre for your day and your personality. These high quality tracks are written and designed to match your day perfectly, for a timeless effect that will last through the decades.

What is the benefit to having two cinematographers at my wedding?

This is the same as the answer to the two-photographer question above.
That all depends on the schedule of your day. If your wedding is happening in one location from start to finish, including all of the getting ready portions, having two cinematographers is really about getting key coverage from multiple angles for the important moments, and simply more coverage for everything else.If, however, your day is split up among different locations, or is at a large campus such as a resort, having two cinematographers can be a boon to your day. Having the ability to have one associate on the bride and one on the groom is key for getting ready. It also is a HUGE benefit to getting reception detail shots, while the other cinematographer is getting family photos, cocktail hour photos, or sunset shots.


Unedited Photos – Otherwise and previously known as the ‘raw’ photos. These are the ones that didn’t make the cut from your collection, but you can still have (because why not?)! Delivered in .bmp or similar format, so you can open them with any computer or phone!

Unedited Footage – Every single solitary clip that was recorded from a cinematographer’s camera. All the shakes and unused takes of the camera and its operator. Not color-corrected. Rendered in 720p (HD) so they are portable, usable and can be played back to see all the little moments from your day.

Highlight Film – What most of us think about when we think about a “Wedding Film.” The highlight film ranges in length from collection to collection, and incorporates the best and most significant moments of your day for an engaging experience.

Ceremony Film – Your ceremony from two camera angles, edited between them for optimum viewing. We mic up on a lapel, and when possible, an additional sound source to produce the best quality audio. We may truncate or eliminate the processional or recessional for the sake of brevity. Applies to most traditional American ceremonies. If your ceremony is different or culture-specific, please ask about producing a ceremony film specifically for you!

Toasts Film – A film of your toasts from two camera angles.

Next-Week Trailer – Our films usually take about 2 months to complete. However, a next-week trailer ensures that you will have a 1-2 minute recap of your day ready to show to your friends and family, no more than 1 week from the day of your wedding.

Couples’ Interviews – One of our favorite storytelling techniques. The primary cinematographer on your day sits down with you and your betrothed, respectively, and captures your story, emotions and feelings in that very moment. The footage is then used to beautifully enhance the emotional impact of your highlight film.

Chapters – Chapters are short, 1-minute or less, memorable and sharable moments, themes and summaries of your wedding day, that come standard with every Lee Media Wedding Film Collection.

You can learn more about Chapters here!