A brand new way to share your experience and wedding film with your friends & family!

I’m excited to announce that now, with every Wedding Film Collection, Lee Media will provide you with your wedding film in Chapters in addition to your highlight film.

What Are Chapters?

Chapters are short, 1-minute or less, memorable and sharable moments, themes and summaries of your wedding day, that come standard with every Lee Media Wedding Film Collection.

One of the biggest asks we get once couples receive their film is: “how do I download this? How do I share a 4 minute, 6 minute, 8 minute film on social media, especially on Tik Tok, Instagram, etc?

Chapters lets you easily share moments of your big day with everyone on any social media platform.

How Are Chapters Formatted?

Chapters are also intentionally made with Vertical in mind. You get both Horizontal and Vertical,  with and without music (so you can pick your own using your social media app).

Benefits to Chapters:

  • Easy to use, sharable format for your wedding that you can use in Reels, Tik Toks, Stories or any other social media platform.
  • Horizontal and vertical formats.
  • We can use previously unused footage that wouldn’t fit in your highlight film to expand on singular moments of your day.
    Fun and oriented for your friends and family to share!

Lee Media is one of the FIRST professional wedding film companies offering multiple 1-minute or less edits of your day, standard with every collection you get. Check out our site to learn more, see examples, and explore them for yourself!


Meredith & Will

{Memoirs Collection}

With this collection, you get:

Zach & Jackie

{Novella Collection}

With this collection, you get: