lead cinematographer

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Embrace Your Cool. Choose Fun. Be Different.
Marc is one of the founding Cinematographers of Lee Media. He has a style unique to his own, and helps set the trends of what we do as a company. His personality, personal nature, and ability to make anyone feel at ease is truly one of a kind.

Joy for your day

When it comes to candid moments on your big day, Marc is second to none. One of the most veteran cinematographers with Lee Media, Marc is not just a fun and calming presence on your day – he captures EVERYTHING!

Marc works both gimbal and handheld filmmaking styles. He specializes in getting priceless and uniquely personal soundbites and audio from his weddings.

Marc makes fast friends in any environment, and makes sure everyone feels comfortable so he's able to be in the moment and capture the day and personalities as they truly are.

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