This film is all about the interviews.

Interviews aren’t for everyone. It takes a degree of bravery to sit in front of a cameraman and lens, telling your story, sharing your true feelings and emotions.

But it sure can pay off.

My two beautiful friends, Dan and Jen, have one of my favorite stories. It’s real. It’s cute. It’s heartfelt. And most of all, it’s theirs. I was so fortunate to have the privilege of filming it, in addition to the help of a second cinematographer.

This couple showcases a modern twist on love against all odds.

Film Details:

Cinematographers – James Lee, additional second cinematographer

Cameras Used: Sony a7s ii, Canon 5DS R

Gear Used: Ronin-M, Glidecam HD 4000, Canon 24-105mm L, Rokinon 35mm EF, Rokinon 85mm EF