I’m not in love with love.

I’m not even in love with the idea of weddings (though through my years I have become quite a nerd on them).

I’m in love with happiness. And that’s what working in weddings brings me.

Happiness because hey – it’s a happy day! All the prep work (or at least… most of the prep work) is done, the family and loved ones are in. Happiness because that special someone is going to be there for you, and they’re going to look even more stunning than they usually do. Happiness because of the butterflies, and the feeling that no matter how mundane OR crazy your life is… this moment matters, and is certainly the start to something epic, and something truly once-in-a-lifetime-magic.

That magic is something I will never tire of being surrounded by. It makes my work and the work of my team not only enjoyable, but better. It makes me and others who work with me better at my craft of storytelling. It gives us fresh stories, each and every time we set foot on the property.

As a media professional, I already love what I do. I love commercial work, and I love the technical and artistic aspects of my craft. But when I am able to practice my living and put a couple who truly loves each other at the focus of my storytelling… that’s something Hollywood filmmakers spend millions of dollars recreating every year… and they’ll never get it quite as right as a well-done wedding film.

So if people ask why I love what I do…

That’s why.