Is the thought of cameras following you around making you a tad nervous? If the idea of being in the spotlight feels a bit like being caught in headlights, no worries—you’re totally not alone. We’re here to turn that camera shyness into total photo fabness, ensuring your wedding pics are nothing short of magical. Let’s dive into how you can totally rock your wedding photos with ease and fun!


Finding Your Photo Squad

Picking Your Dream Team


Getting those dreamy, Insta-worthy shots starts with vibing with the right photographer and videographer. It’s all about finding someone whose work makes your heart skip a beat and who makes you feel super comfy. Think of an engagement shoot as a cool hangout session—it’s a chance to get to know each other and shake off those camera jitters.

Why Engagement Shoots Rock

Think of your engagement shoot as a fun date where a camera happens to tag along. It’s a great practice run and seriously helps dial down the photo awkwardness on your actual wedding day.



Practice Makes Perfect…and Perfectly Fun

Mirror Magic

Okay, team, time to play model in front of the mirror. Experiment with different smiles, laughs, and cozy cuddles to see what feels good. It’s all about finding your go-to happy looks that don’t feel forced. Plus, it’s a blast to goof around and see each other’s modeling debuts.

Candid Moments are Everything

Embrace the Unexpected

Your wedding album’s gonna be lit with not just those posed shots but the real, raw, belly-laughing, tear-jerking moments. Let loose and let the candid magic happen. Trust your photo squad to catch all the feels and the genuine vibes of your day.

Chat It Out

Keeping It Real


Got a fave side? Not feeling a particular pose? Tell your photog! The more you share about what makes you comfy (or not), the better they can capture your spark. It’s like making a new friend who just gets you.

Strike a Pose (or Don’t)

Natural Vibes Only

While candid snaps are the bomb, having a couple of easy poses in your back pocket can help for those “we need a stunning portrait right now” moments. Simple things like gazing into each other’s eyes or holding hands can look incredibly sweet and genuine.

Time-Outs are Totally Okay

Breather Moments

Feeling all peopled out? Take a mini break. It’s cool to step away and just be with each other. These little pauses not only give you a chance to recharge but can also lead to some super intimate and beautiful shots.

Let Love Do Its Thing

Keepin’ It Real

In the end, the photos that will make you go “wow” years down the line are the ones where your love is just bursting through. Focus on the joy, the love, and the sheer awesomeness of your day, and let those vibes shine through the lens.

Wrapping It Up

Remember, peeps, your wedding is about celebrating your love story, not just posing for pics. By getting cozy with your photo team, prepping a bit, embracing the real moments, chatting about your likes and dislikes, having a few poses ready, taking chill breaks, and just soaking in all the love, you’re all set for a day filled with fun, love, and epic photos. Here’s to making those memories last forever in the coolest way possible!

Cheers to looking fab and feeling great in front of the camera! 🥂💖